This Term of Use and Privacy Policy applies to the reception, storage and use of Information supplied by users in Augin (“Application").

When using the Application, the User will expressly accept all the practices described in this Term of Use and Privacy Policy (“Term”). We therefore recommend it to those users who do not agree with this term, who do not use this application.


1.1 To understand and properly interpret this Term, the following expressions have the following definitions:

i. "Application" the Augin application, an augmented reality application that allows mixing virtual elements with the real world;

ii. "Augin" AUGIN SOFTWARES LTDA., Limited liability company, registered with CNPJ / MF under No. 34.804.848 / 0001-95, NIRE No. 43208520711.

iii. "Personal information"Or"Personal information" any information that can identify the User and the sea provided by the User, such as their name, information about the device, cookies and other information that can be used widely.

iv. " Log in" electronic address the name informed by the User in the act of his Registration, which must be used for the Application;

v. "Project" models sent by Users using augmented reality;

saw. "User" all persons, without restrictions, who download the Application and register it.


2.1. When the User performs his registration in the Application, if he requests Personal Information. The information sent can be used to provide you with the best experience and to improve the quality of the services provided.

2.2. The delivery of data by the User is entirely voluntary. It is not mandatory that the User provide the personal information requested. However, in the event that it does not exist, these may cause access to limit the functionality of the Application.

2.3. The use of the Application may also give rise to other information on devices used by the User, for example, the hardware model, the version of the operating system, mobile network information, unique product identifiers, among others.

2.4. When using the Application, the User authorizes the sending of electronic messages, messages through the Application and push notifications, with informative content and strictly linked to the Application.

2.5. Augin can share some or all of the Personal Information of Users with affiliated companies, subsidiaries, joint ventures u other companies under common control, for various purposes, including for commercial, operational and marketing purposes. Augin can and reserves the right to share his information with any other company that is not currently able to become a parent company, but will subsidize Augin's affiliate.

2.6. Augin will be able to use and use device location information as the User uses the Application (if the User chooses to activate the background tracking, the User is not directly interacting with the Application), including how el Usuario unfolds. The application can use the location of the User for the purpose of offering an experience linked to its location in the real world, so Augin needs to know where the User is to operate these features and plan the location of resources. Augin will identify the location using a series of technologies, including GPS, WiFi points through which the user is accessing the Application and triangulation of cell towers.

2.7. Augin recovers and uses the actions and realizations of the User in the Application, as well as some information about the Mobile device of the User (including device identifiers, device operating system, model, configuration, settings and information about applications in the third-party software installed in the device), to offer the Application to the User and guarantee a suitable usage experience for all users according to the terms and policies that correspond.


3.1. When the User chooses to supply his personal data, expressly authorizes the collection, use, handling, transfer and retention of his personal data, in accordance with the provisions established in this Term and in the current legislation. In the event that the User is not in agreement with this Term, the User must stop using the Application.


4.1. The personal data of the Users will be treated according to the following purposes:

a) To offer specific services to the User profile, sending newsletters, promotional material, advertisements and other services;

b) For communication and technical support and support for Users;

c) Offer new or additional resources linked to the Application.

4.2. Information that, in the context of individual identification, may be passed on to advertisers, suppliers, sponsors and allies, in order to improve the quality of products and services. Augin will be able to transfer data in personales and / or identifiable, such as user statistics and log data, for analysis purposes, demographic profile, advertisements directed to other purposes.

4.3. Augin will store the personal data he needs for the purposes described above. Storage will depend on legal requirements and how long the relationship between the parties lasts.


5.1. Augin will be able to hire third parties for the provision of services. As part of it, these will process Datos personales in the name of Augin. Such third-party service providers have access to their Personal Data only to perform services in the name of Augin, in accordance with this Term, and Augin makes sure that each of them is contractually obliged to not disclose the use of their Personal Data to anyone another purpose.

5.2. Augin does not provide third parties with information on the individual identification of Users without their prior authorization, except when:

a) There is judicial determination for the delivery of data;

b) The viability of the business, products or services offered by Augin or the same group companies depend on the sending of data to allies, being sent only those strictly necessary information;

c) There is a need to identify the revealing data of the User who is using the Application for illicit purposes.

5.3. User information could be transferred to third parties due to sale, purchase, merger, corporate reorganization, any change in Augin's control. In the event that any of these possibilities occurs, generating the transfer of personal information to third parties, the User will be informed in advance and, if he does not want to continue using the Application, he may exclude his access charge.

5.4. Users will be able to create Proyectos, which will be stored in an Augin database, which can access Users and third parties. Augin will not be responsible for any creation of Proyecto.


6.1. You must maintain and ensure that your mobile devices that access the Application are protected from viruses, malwares, invasions or other mechanisms that break your privacy and copy your data and information indefinitely access the application. The User, since ya, expresses his agreement that Augin will not have any responsibility for the use of the access promoted without the protection that is indicated here.

6.2. Aunque Augin works hard to guarantee the security and the integrity of the Personal Information provided, due to the inherent nature of the internet as an open vehicle of global communication, in order to guarantee that the information, during the transmission through the internet, is the same. stored in systems or otherwise, under your care, they will be safe with respect to the intrusion of others. The User uses the Application and its information for its exclusive use and risk.


7.1. The User declares that he is happy to provide Augin with all the documents, elements, data and necessary information for the proper functioning of the Application. Generally speaking, the User states that he is willing to actively cooperate with Augin for the performance of the Application and to report any difficulties that he encounters.

7.2. Users are solely responsible for using the Application, especially as it corresponds to: (i) the use of the Application by their employees, employees or allies; (ii) the relationships that can be established between users and their customers; and (iii) the relationships that can be established between Users and third parties, based on the information from the Application.

7.3. The User assumes exclusive responsibility for effectively complying with labor, tax, forecast, assistance and security legislation that applies.

7.4. The User must use the Application with caution and taking the necessary precautions in the environment in which he finds himself, in such a way that Augin will not be responsible in the event that the User places himself - put him in other individuals - in risky situations for the health and / or the well being. El Usuario is solely responsible for the eventual risks that it assumes.

7.5. El Usuario declares that it will not use the Application to violate any applicable law, regulation, event policies or guidelines, and that it will also encourage such behavior in third parties.

7.6. El Usuario declares that he will not use the Application for illegal or inappropriate purposes, and that he will not report inaccurate, misleading or improper content.

7.7. El Usuario will not disturb, threaten to violate, in any way, the rights of third parties. El Usuario will not invade or obtain, in any way, access to any property in the place where I am not allowed to enter. El Usuario will not participate in any activity that may cause injury, damage, damage to property, disruption or liability of any kind. Before a dispute with any third party regarding the use of the Application, the User will exempt Augin (his officers, directors, agents, subsidiaries, joint and employed loans) from any request, demand and damage (direct or indirect) of any type and nature, knowing the no, expected the no, calculating the no, due to, which in any way are related to these disputes.

7.8. El Usuario declares that it has all the technical characteristics and functionalities of the Application.

7.9. El Usuario is oblivious to not taking any action that damages, in any way, the brand of Augin's reputation.

7.10.The User will assume responsibility for any and all disputes, claims, claims that are related to the use of the Application, and Augin does not correspond to any responsibility in this regard.

7.11.El Usuario guarantees that the information provided is correct, up to date and not sound, in any sense, misleading or false.

7.12. Augin will not be responsible for any instability in the system, such as, but not limited to, those who impose that the Projects expose themselves as they deserve what impose the access to files, regardless of the application on the website, regardless of the moment in time. the one that occurs. In this way, the loss of stored data, the unavailability of another adverse situation that affects the access, the data, the projects contained in the User will not generate any type of repair, compensation or any other obligation on the part of Augin.


8.1. All the details related to the Application and its features belong to Augin, including what concerns his texts, images, layouts, codes, data bases and other content produced directly or indirectly by Augin. Any intrusion, intent of, the activity that violates the contrary laws of intellectual property right and / or the prohibitions stipulated in this Term, including that there are unauthorized copies, reverse engineering, and the modifications that can create derivative works, harran that the person responsible is responsible for the pertinent legal actions, and is also responsible for the compensation for any damage caused.

8.2. The User will maintain the exclusive, total and complete property of their Projects. For a better experience in the Application, the User submits to Augin, free of charge, personal, in the exclusive and non-transferable way to use the Projects in the terms and conditions established in this Term. The User acknowledges that Augin will be able to store the information of the Projects found in the Application, using them for comparative purposes, the development of Artificial Intelligence and other services that may be relevant with the stored data.

8.3. The User will have the intellectual property solely of the Projects he has created. For the purposes of using the Application, the user grants Augin, free of charge, the personal, exclusive and non-transferable option, to use the Projects that are stored in their database.


9.1. Any dispute between Augin and El Usuario must be exclusively subject to the jurisdiction of the District of Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, renouncing any other, however privileged it may be. No derivative action, related or related to this term, may be proposed after 1 (one) years of the cause of the action. This term will not be extended for any reason, except with the express and written consent of both parties.


10.1.The present Term will be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Federative Republic of Brazil.

10.2.Augin reserves the right to suspend or cancel, at any time, any user's access to the Application in the event that fraud is found, obtaining a benefit illegally or by complying with any of these conditions. We have the applicable legislation.

10.3.Augin is not responsible for the false or inaccurate statements provided by Users who may harm third parties, the Public Administration in general, the service itself.

10.4.If any part of this Term is deemed null and void by the competent courts, such provision should be excluded from this instrument, and other provisions will be interpreted as if this hub clause has been excluded and will be enforceable in accordance with its terms; provided that, in this circumstance, this Term is interpreted in such a way as to give effect, to the greatest extent possible and permitted by applicable law, meaning the intention of the disposition excluded in accordance with what determines such competent court of jurisdiction.

10.5.The dispositions contained in this Term may be updated or modified at any time, and the User will always have to verify them each time he accesses the Application.